5 stereotypes about male stripping

1. Stripping is easy work.
Have you ever heard someone say, “Stripping is so easy, all you need to do is take off your clothes to music!” To that, we continually laugh and respond with, “Have you ever run on a treadmill for 15 minutes in front of a crowd at least four times during 1 night?” Obviously 99% of the time they’ll say no. We’re here to inform you it’s not an easy walk and the guys work hard all week to give you the most sensual performance for your special night. This frequently includes gym training every day, eating well, preserving costumes and from time to time revisiting the choreographer for new dances and moves. Most exercises are 15 – 20 minutes long. Now imagine that 3 times over and you’ve just entered into the stripper workout for only 1 performance.

2. Tips equals a dance.
We’ve all seen movies where strippers are coming off stage with $ notes stuck down their G-string. You are not required to tip the strippers to get a dance or attention, so in real life you won’t see a man wheeling around a suitcase full of money.

3. “No touch” rule.
Strippers are the one of the nicest men you could meet! Usually male strippers are very happy to have a drink and speak about the show with guests at after-party. Without you, there could be no us! Our men usually do not hesitate to take a selfie with guests, so you should not be too.

4. Stripping is a full-time job
Whether it is a good deal or not stripping is not a full-time job and many of our guys have day jobs too. Some of them might work as personal trainer that helps them to be prepared for night shows, but some want to separate their career from the stage.

5. Male strippers are not smart.
This is kind of a cliché, but it is very common to hear that some people want to generalize strippers as unintelligent. It might be shocking, but many of the male strippers have different jobs in field such as Business, Medicine, Marketing, IT and so on. Beside jobs though, these guys are getting paid for showing hot dance moves, spending time with women during very entertaining Friday and Saturday nights and sharing good vibes among them.

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